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Do you want to work for one of the most dynamically growing tourism startups in Europe?
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The most significant mission of your life is in front of you!

Join one of Europe’s most dynamically developing tourism startups as brand ambassador, learn about new technologies, make them known in your own country and re-start the tourism industry with us!

Everguest increases revenue of tourism industry sectors with its comprehensive, innovative and data-driven services.


This is a unique opportunity for development in which you need passion, commitment and perseverance, and in return you will...

  • Belong to a professional team with an excellent background
  • Be part of building Everguest's European network
  • Work flexibly and according to your own schedule
What will you do as a local representative of Everguest?
  • Be responsible for creating professional brand marketing content in the local language
  • Raise brand awareness on the best online channels
  • Network with hoteliers and build a lead-generating plan
  • Acquire new hotel clients
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Get our newest partners to lay down the groundwork for a successful reopening now with our Revenue, Reputation and Marketing management teams. We believe that guests need attention not only when they are staying in a hotel, but also from the moment the idea of travelling emerges, up until leaving their evaluation of their stay.

We believe in the effectiveness of combining these 3 business areas and the crucial role they play in the process of selecting accommodation. And with your help we would like to introduce our concept to our new partners.

We are looking for you if you...
  • Have at least several years of experience in digital marketing and B2B sales
  • Are fluent in English
  • Are an entrepreneur, are proactive and open for new challenges
  • Like autonomous work culture
  • Have an existing hotel management network base
In the beginning, feel free to keep your current job...

Since the interest for this opportunity is high, we would like to build lasting work relationships with the most dedicated Brand Ambassadors for Everguest!
That's why we created a unique process for this great quest.
Are you able to make it?

To start off with, you will get from us...

  • Brand materials in English
  • A deep insight into the Everguest service portfolio and mission for an authentic representation of the company
  • Marketing Budget and support for lead generating options
  • A basic initial compensation package

If you succeed, you will earn way above average and you will have the opportunity to become the Country Manager of Everguest and receive a percentage of the revenue and a passive income from sales deals.

We are sure that you will be tempted to work with us full time if you are ready to take up the challenge.

Are you ready? Let’s work together!

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