What do your guests think of you?

And you, what do you think of your guests?Facts we never call by name. (The characters and examples are all fictional, anything that matches reality is just a coincidence.) Emphasizing the importance of guest reviews is not enough in the lift of a hotel. The way you respond to reviews has an even greater role.…

Sentiment Analysis and Mood Map - Where Does Professional Reputation Management Lead?

The main goal of every hotel is to attract more guests. It is critical to understand how guest reviews influence the booking decisions of today’s travel audience and what is the best way for the hotel to turn these to its own advantage.  How much do guests rely on reviews when making their travel decisions?…

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eWOM rules hotel marketing

The customer’s voice is a powerful one -  never underestimate it. Hotel eWOM - WOM refers to word of mouth - a classic, yet impactful element What is WOM? The things your customers say about your hotel (good and bad). Why is it important? Because customers trust other customers. The tourism industry, especially the hotel…

Brutally honest reply to reviews: Is it really genius?

The other day I read an article about a restaurant that started to reply to negative comments. Not only to reply but in a brutally honest way, which is considered to be genius - says the journalist. Sure, we have a good laugh, but is it really genius?  Quote from the article: “Here we have…




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