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Get ready with Everguest, it won’t cost you a thing now!

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It won’t cost you anything until the reopening!

We will get you ready and start you up for the reopening, from having the best reputation to getting the highest revenue.
So with renewed energy offering the highest standard you could start receiving guests  and have your restaurants full!

  • Do you know what you have to be careful of to satisfy your guests?
  • Do you know what they like most and least from your menu and why?
  • Do you know how they rate your table service?
  • Have you designed your marketing campaigns in order to become the top choice amongst others?


Use this time to your advantage until you reopen, get ready in time so you will not have to rush and think of new strategies in a hurry right before you reopen again. Although reopening the restaurant industry under the current difficult circumstances is like never before, if you act in time now, you could gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. 

As part of our unique, personalized offer, we will prepare you for reopening, and you will have nothing else to do but to follow our suggested directions based on our summary so your restaurant can rise like a phoenix.

And what’s the best part? You don’t have to pay a thing right now!

Everguest can make your restart much easier for you by not having to pay anything for our unique and personalized offer until after 90 days of reopening your restaurant!

Restart audit and action plan

  • We review and analyse your online campaigns
  • We Review the current structure and the impact of your webpage from the perspective of table reservation 
  • we will analyse your social media presence and its efficiency 
  • We will determine the direction of your social media communication
  • Based on the above points we will guide you to reach out and communicate with your target audience appropriately 
  • We will we propose the formulation of messages and solutions that address the designated target audience
  • we analyze 2 years of guest reviews, look at and evaluate how you have managed your reputation so far
  • we reveal the hidden problems, areas to be worked on
  • we examine positive and negative trends
  • we identify the most important things to do so that both new and returning guests are as satisfied as they can possibly be
  • we prepare a summary of the current situation, on the basis of which we formulate new directions and strategies for successful reopening
  • Supporting the introduction of restaurant delivery and takeaway option
  • Development of pricing strategies
  • Sales consulting
  • Optimizing online interfaces for delivery
  • Extending promotional content to increase sales

What are the benefits of the RESTART audit and the action plan?

You get a complete picture of the quality of the restaurant’s website and previous campaigns, you can get new information about the performance of your presence on social media platforms

Thanks to the evaluation of the performance so far, you can have even more guests when reopening

You can adopt a marketing strategy guide tailored to your target audience and the characteristics of the restaurant

You get a comprehensive picture of what your guests think of you

You can identify the areas that need to be improved the most

You can find out how current guest reviews affect your revenue

By reopening, you’ll already know what to focus on for your new guests

We will maximize your revenue by reopening and constructing / optimizing delivery and takeaway services

90DAYS – AND with Everguest’s unique offer, it will COST YOU ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NOW! You can pay 90 days after reopening!

Shall we start? Let’s fill up the empty tables together!