Your last chance: Re-open in 2021!

Others are already preparing, don’t miss out!

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We’ll get you up and running and ready for the reopening, from building the best reputation to maximising revenue, so you can start welcoming guests with renewed vigour and even higher standards!

Have you launched your guest acquisition marketing campaigns?

Do you know how to achieve higher revenues?

Do you know what makes your customers happy?


Take advantage of the remaining weeks until the reopening so you don’t have to scramble and think up new last-minute strategies . Although you’ve never had to reopen a hotel under such difficult circumstances, if you act now, you can gain a significant advantage over your competitors!
IT WON’T COST YOU ANYTHING NOW! Just pay after 90 DAYS of reopening!

In the event of another epidemic wave, we offer a personalised guarantee to our clients and partners!

Marketing RESTART

evaluation of website and previous campaigns
social media strategic planning
OTA optimisation
building advertising accounts
booking incentive marketing campaigns
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evaluation of current revenue management processes
identifying relevant target groups
new pricing and distribution policies
the highest possible average price
optimum occupancy
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Reputation RESTART

assessment of current reputation
hidden problems and areas for improvement
maximising guest satisfaction
responding to guest reviews
increase guest rating index
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How will you benefit if you choose the Everguest 360 RESTART offer?

You can start to continuously improve your services and maximise guest satisfaction based on real feedback.

maximise your revenue with a completely new sales strategy designed for your new opening and beyond

optimise your online presence and guest acquisition campaigns based on a well-developed strategy to kick-start the most exciting period in tourism!

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