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Get ready with Everguest, it will cost you nothing now.

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It won’t cost you a dime before restart

We will get you started and prepare you to reopen: from the best reputation all the way through to optimal revenue. With this renewed energy, you can get straight into an even higher standard for welcoming guests. 

  • Do you know what truly satisfies your guests?
  • Do you know what pricing policy you should follow when reopening, to achieve the highest revenue?
  • Have you already designed your marketing campaigns to get potential guests to choose YOU? 


Take advantage of the time left until you reopen, prepare in advance so you don’t have to rush and come up with last minute strategies. Although you’ve never had to reopen a hotel in such difficult circumstances, if you act now, you can gain significant advantage over your competitors!

As part of our unique, personalised offer, we will prepare you for reopening, and you will have nothing more to do than simply put our plan into action. We can also work with you  on the suggested development directions, so that your hotel rises like a phoenix!

And what’s the best part? Right now, it won’t cost you anything!

Everguest wants to make it easier for hotels to restart, so you can pay for our unique offer 90 days after reopening! 

Reputation Audit and
RESTART action plan

  • We analyse guest reviews of the past 2 years
  • Reveal the hidden problems and areas to be developed
  • Investigate and evaluate how you have managed your reputation so far
  • Examine positive and negative trends
  • We provide solution proposals to determine the directions of development
  • Identify the most important things to do to make new guests as satisfied as possible
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Revenue audit and
RESTART action plan

  • Assess your current sales and revenue management processes 
  • Examine the relevance of your product, service, and target market segmentation 
  • Evaluate your current pricing and distribution policy 
  • Evaluate the operation of online sales interfaces 
  • We prepare detailed professional proposals for successful reopenings
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Marketing audit and
RESTART action plan

  • We review and analyze your online campaigns
  • We evaluate the current structure and effectiveness of your website to facilitate direct bookings
  • We examine the performance of your social media and OTA interfaces
  • We prepare a summary of the current situation, on the basis of which we formulate new directions and strategies for a successful reopening
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How do you benefit from a reputation audit and action plan?

Get a comprehensive picture of what your guests think of you
Identify areas that need to be improved the most
Find out how current guest reviews affect your revenue
By the reopening, you will already know what to focus on for new guests
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How do you benefit from a revenue audit and action plan?

Get an overview of your current sales and revenue management processes
Use a comprehensive guide for an efficient sales and pricing system that will include how to prepare for reopening
Reach the highest average price and the most optimal occupancy %
Have you been putting off the introduction of dynamic pricing? Then now is the time for you to act! You could potentially lose up to 15-20% of your revenue even as you reopen if you keep postponing this key step.
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What are the benefits of a marketing audit and action plan?

Get a overall picture of the quality of the hotel’s website, your previous campaigns, your presence on social media and your appearance and marketing settings on OTAs
Obtain higher paying guests and increased volume when reopening
Get your hands on a creative and unique marketing strategy guide that is adaptable to the target audience and conditions of your hotel
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The goal is given: the best reputation to maximizing revenue! Lay the groundwork for a successful reopening now with Everguest – ask for our complete RESTART CHECK-IN offer with a Reputation, Revenue and Marketing audit and a comprehensive reopening Actionplan. We believe in the combined effectiveness of these 3 factors. With our support and the synergy of  decisive factors of the accommodation selection process, you can extract and use the valuable information and gain advantage over your competitors now!

What are your benefits by choosing the full RESTART CHECK-IN offer?

Get your entire online reputation, an analysis of your guests’ opinions, a guide to manage them, and a reputation action plan for the reopening

Get an analysis of your entire sales and pricing processes and a complete revenue action plan, a guide on how to improve them → EVERGUEST-PRO TIP: Are you still not using dynamic pricing? Let us introduce it for you until reopening!

Get an evaluation of your entire online presence and appearance and a marketing action plan for reopening


Shall we start? Let’s restart your hotel together!