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With revenue management and thanks to the cost-effective choice of sales and marketing channels, we are able to sell the right room to the right guest, at the right time for the best possible price. 

Why Outsourced Revenue Management?

Everguest works 365 days a year

Our Revenue Management team has more than 20 years of experience

We use the most up to date techniques

We are 30-50% cheaper than the cost of a typical Revenue Manager’s salary and contributions

We are consistent, transparent and data-driven in our operations.

Our team does ongoing training to stay up to date

We are in constant contact with our partners

The work of Revenue Management can be done remotely. As part of our outsourced service, the Everguest Revenue Manager assigned to your project , will manage and optimise   your hotel’s pricing on a daily basis using state-of-the-art tools. Thanks to this outsourced professional team, having streamlined  revenue management is now possible.

Our team always stays up to date with  the latest training, so they always use the best possible  solutions to achieve a continuous increase in the sales revenue of your hotel.

Dynamic pricing is the basis of revenue management. With dynamic pricing, we take advantage of the different demand opportunities on future dates, which  allows us to sell at a higher price (yield management). As a direct result of yield management, the hotel’s RevPAR (revenue per available room) significantly increases. This then leads to increased profits, which tend to come mainly from mid-priced rooms, meaning that no extra operating cost are actually incurred. . This means that the excess revenue is also reflected in the gross operating profit (GOP)

Our outsourced service provides revenue growth with the most up to date tools.

With dynamic pricing we achieve fast revenue growth, while at the same time  decrease distribution and staff expenses.

We regularly compile statistics and reports for the accommodation based on past date and future projections.   

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