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If your restaurant ends up at the bottom of the list because the reviews and comments are not managed well, it doesn’t matter how good your chef is.

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No more empty tables!

Nowadays a good restaurant needs to offer much more than delicious meals from good quality ingredients, and have a professional front of house staff. These are not enough for your guests anymore.

Diners express their opinions about the food, the quality of the service and the atmosphere through various online channels. This has a strong influence on the image of the restaurant, and in turn, on potential guests’ choices. Therefore, it is essential to respond to comments and reviews professionally and in a timely manner. When it is done right, it shows to former and future guests that their opinion matters. You pay  special attention to their feedback, and  you improve the quality of your service based on them.

Besides responding to comments and reviews, it is crucial to have a permanent online presence. It can be a webpage where guests can quickly and easily reserve a table, or it can be an active social media platform which encourages the visitors to become guests in your restaurant. This way you can build a strong base of regular patrons. 

Benefits of responding to  guest reviews:

  • By showing that their opinion and personal experiences are important to you, the reviewer will be more satisfied with your services 
  • The guest’s attitude and opinion of the restaurant  can be significantly improved and they may even make positive changes to their original review Visitors will receive a good impression when they see that the restaurant pays special attention to their guests’ reviews and that the feedback actually results in an improved service  
  • You can increase the possibility of table reservation by optimizing the review score with professional responses to  reviews. 

The impact of online reputation on revenue

Due to the great impact that  online reputation has on revenue, professional reputation management has become an independent sector that needs to be handled by competent and experienced experts. 

Providing fast and professional responses to comments regularly and in several languages, can be challenging for restaurants. 

Besides meeting the review’s needs, the marketing expectations are also important.  It is becoming increasingly  important to respond to guests in their mother tongue, as it creates  a deeper connection, and thereby a better reputation.

Time is also an important factor, as on most websites the newest reviews are at the top, so responding to them in time is of high priority.

What do we offer exactly?

EverGuest relieves its partners of the burden of having to find experienced representatives to provide professional handling of communication in various languages and in a timely manner.

A comprehensive audit of guest reviews from the last 12 months of year, which provides management with insight into the restaurant’s current reputation.

Continuous monitoring of guest reviews

Weekly and monthly collection of guest reviews, delivered to you as a visual report which highlights important aspects that require your attention

Categorisation of guest reviews with a professional eye, and responding to reviews in various languages within 24 hours to 48 hours. Responses are tailored to the restaurant’s image and style, and aimed at guest satisfaction while also taking advantage of this as a marketing opportunity

“Sorry, we are fully booked.”

Would you be happy if you heard this sentence? Make sure your restaurant appears online precisely where, and only when it’s needed.  We are talking strategy! We review the most important goals and targets, decide on the best tools to use and from there,, we create an annual communication plan. 

We monitor the social media and online marketing channels of the restaurant, make the necessary changes and developments. Through strategic planning, we remain in constant communication in order to ensure the key objectives are realised. 

PPC Campaign Management

Nowadays one cannot live without PPC (pay per click) campaigns – they are fundamental and essential. This type of advertising is fast and highly effective in increasing the number of room bookings. PPC adverts are accurately measurable, so you can be sure that it will result in a good ROI.

Social Media Management

Our goal is to take advantage of the two-way communication offered by social media channels, so that we can generate and maintain the strongest user engagement.

Creative Content

Well-designed content and an outstanding marketing slogan can draw attention to your restaurant. With engaging storytelling, these can be a very effective marketing tool. 

Quality visual implementations

High quality implies authenticity, which in turn leads to trust. Gaining the trust of your guests, is perhaps the greatest value you can attain in a conscious consumer society. At Everguest, we base our  strategy on these, and therefore your target audience will receive the highest quality visuals.

 Professional web design

Agile planning, fresh and design-minded art direction, with many years of experience in tourism. From information architecture to micro-interactions, we review and design your restaurant’s website.

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