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Are you a Revenue Manager who wants to improve? Do you work in the sales department and want to learn the basics of Revenue Management? Are you the GM or owner and want to understand this field?

We offer training tailored to the hotel and  commercial  environments based on your organisational needs.

With our training you will get a full picture of your hotel’s revenue generation capacity. Who are our competitors and how do we create a marketing strategy?  How do we come up with a pricing strategy and how does this influence our daily decisions?? What are the most important factors to consider and how can we measure their impact? How do we plan for revenue? What information do we need in order to make effective forecast? How do we optimize our OTA presence in relation to an increase in direct reservations? You will get answers to these, along with many other questions, at our personalised revenue management training. 

 General topics:

  • Basics of yield and revenue management
  • Differentiation of market segmentation and sales channels
  • Positioning, competitor tracking and analysis 
  • Pricing techniques
  • Correct use of sales conditions and surcharges
  • Distribution techniques to minimize costs (commissions)
  • Expected demand forecasting method

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