Sentiment Analysis and Mood Map - Where Does Professional Reputation Management Lead?

Reputation management
Gondos Kitti

The main goal of every hotel is to attract more guests. It is critical to understand how guest reviews influence the booking decisions of today’s travel audience and what is the best way for the hotel to turn these to its own advantage. 

How much do guests rely on reviews when making their travel decisions?

(Based on Status Labs statistics):

  • 87% of respondents read guest reviews before making a decision (2020) – this is a 6% increase compared to 2019 and a 20% increase compared to 2010.
  • 79% of those surveyed believe in online opinions as much as they do for their own family or acquaintances. 
  • 94% of respondents said they were more likely to like the hotel as a result of positive reviews.

The statistics above clearly demonstrates the importance of guest reviews.

Reputation management presents many challenges and opportunities for hotels. Taking advantage of these opportunities, real data and real information can be available to hotels to understand the latest guest needs.

Understanding our guests and assessing their needs is the key to winning guests at our hotel and providing an unforgettable experience. One thing makes this possible: to listen to our guests. And what does this lead to? For feedback and data.

Real-time and comprehensive analysis of reviews provides solution and direction. What can we learn from the reviews?

In one word: everything.

The real, unadulterated naked truth: expectations and main desires of the guests.

Professional feedback and data analysis can help you understand what your guests really think of you and how it affects your revenue, and what management decisions you can make based on them.

In the analysis of sentiment, the mentions (feelings) that fundamentally determine and influence the scores of hotel segments are taken into account.

And with the help of the mood map, the hotel can find out exactly which direction and path to take to succeed.

Reputation score as an important KPI is becoming increasingly invaluable. Price and revenue management is the foundation of any business, but these metrics are not enough to generate returning guests.

Listen to guests, pay attention to their needs and develop based on their feedbacks. This is necessary for them to return and be willing to pay more.

With Everguest, you can now assess what your guests think of you, what the problems are, and how to solve them. Ask for the first free consultation and a full reputation audit so you can be prepared for the latest emerging guest needs!

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